Leadership Team

Sanjay Shenoy - Managing Partner

Sanjay Shenoy is an electrical engineer and an attorney with extensive experience in the energy industry including both, renewable energy and the oil and gas industry.  As an Intellectual Property attorney, he has worked closely with R&D and Engineering teams developing cutting edge technology.  Sanjay has a strong passion for electric vehicles (EVs), which he has directed towards eV Blitz to promote the adoption of EVs.  Sanjay is married and is the loving father of two young boys aged six and four, who are also EV enthusiasts.

Prince Thomas - Managing Partner

Prince Thomas is an entrepreneur by heart. He started his own consulting business over 10 years ago in the technology industry working with major Fortune 500 companies throughout the US. Through his work, he was able to travel all over the world interacting with various levels of management from end users to C level executives. However, it was his passion for cars that drove him to co-create EV Blitz. After Tesla emerged as the major player in the EV industry, Prince started speaking to other EV owners and reading various blogs and discovered that there was an underlying complaint that he saw he could fill. Owners needed a quick and long lasting charge for their cars while on the go. And they didn’t want to drive all over the place looking for one that would fit their particular make and model. Thus, EV Blitz was created.   

Moumita Shenoy - VP of Operations

Moumita Shenoy is a proven leader with a background in finance, and extensive experience in logistics and supply chain management at a leading oilfield services company.  She is passionate about the environment, and hopes to leave the world in a better place than she found it.  A wife and loving mother of two young children, she loves to travel with her family to experience new sights, cultures, and cuisines.