Airport Valet

We are working to expand our business model to include an On-Demand valet service for electric vehicles that will allow you to schedule drop off/ pick up times, purchase a car wash, and have your electric car fully charged ready to go when you come back from your trip. Customers can log onto our mobile app and conveniently schedule their orders as they like, purchase, and check for live status.

Blitz Hangout

 EV Blitz is also looking to build premium D/C charging stations that includes a coffee bar where other EV owners can get to know each other, surf the internet or just have a drink while their car charges. EV Blitz offers complimentary 220W charges for those customers wanting to charge at the lower wattage.

Mobile App

Our user friendly mobile app will help you: 

  • find the nearest location 
  • schedule pickup/drop off time
  • provide a list of rates 
  • provides charging station's live status
  • send alerts on specials  
  • enter payment options