Benefits of Electric Vehicle Chargers

For your home

Installing a Level 2 charger gives you more flexibility in your daily driving. It charges nearly four times faster than a Level 1 charger and is a safe option for your home.

For your business

With the proliferation of electric vehicles, workplace charging can be a great recruitment and retention tool for employees. Plus, it demonstrates your commitment to a cleaner environment,  and your innovative spirit to support a workplace of the future .

For your community

Community charging stations can be conveniently located at neighborhood parks, recreation centers, jogging trails, pool houses, etc. They can attract quality, environmentally conscious residents, increase property values, and showcase your community’s commitment to the environment.

Government Incentives 

Incentives from Federal, State and Local governments, and/or utility companies may be available for the installation and operation of Charging Stations. 

Contact EV Blitz for more details. 

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

  • No Fuel Cost 
  • Zero emissions; No annual emissions inspection plus you're helping to clean the air and save our environment 
  • Tax benefits from Federal and State governments 
  • Low maintenance cost 
  • Much simpler than Hybrid cars
  • Electric vehicles are fun to drive and include the latest technology 
  • Battery technology continues to improve range and lower vehicle costs. 
  • Being an early adopter is cool, and avails you to limited tax incentives.       

Thank you

With your support, we hope to bring EV Blitz to major metropolitan and rural areas nationwide. EV Blitz is already in negotiations with several local and nationwide businesses to install our charging stations in their parking lots. Our mobile app and first location based in Houston, Texas is expected to go live October 2017.